New to AirlineSim?

If you've just started playing and are having some problems, we recommend that your first port of call be the AirlineSim Wiki; it contains a detailed tutorial, and should provide you with enough information both about game mechanics and other players' strategies for success to enable you to get started without too many problems.

Support through the AirlineSim Forums

The AirlineSim forums are a useful source of information regarding questions that have already been answered - or at least discussed - and our community members and admin team will naturally be happy to help you in answering any new ones.

Please bear the following rules in mind when posting on the forum:

  • When starting a new thread, please use the search function to check that your question has not already been answered.
  • Please make sure that the title of your new thread is appropriate and meaningful.
  • Please refrain from insulting or attacking other users.
  • Please do not spam on the forum; threads or posts considered spam will be deleted.

Support through E-Mail

If you have found errors in game data, are unable to resolve problems you are experiencing in the game, or have detailed questions to ask, feel free to e-mail us at - our admin team will do their best to respond to your inquiry promptly. However, please bear in mind that it may not be possible to answer questions of a technical or administrative nature immediately.

Payment Support

In case of payment issues or questions about the topic of payment in general, please contact

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