AirlineSim is the online airline simulation game for pros: With its sophisticated planning, reservation, inventory and management systems it allows you to run your own virtual airlines as if it were the real thing! Assemble your fleet and get your carrier off the ground today!

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Build your flight schedule using AirlineSim's advanced planning features. Then pick the right aircraft for your fleet and deploy them to operate it.



Watch how virtual passengers book your flights using a state-of-the-art reservation system that generates billions of connections from your own and your competition's flights.



Keep an eye on your load factors and those of your competitors. Adjust prices and service levels to adjust to an ever-changing market situation.


Network Planning

Manage your network with individual scheduling, pricing and service settings.


Fleet Management

Choose your aircraft, organize their maintenance and employ them efficiently.


Player Interaction

Cooperate in Alliances or by forming Interline Agreements, leasing out aircraft, providing terminal capacities and more.


Realistic Environment

Airport capacities, traffic rights, passenger demand and about everything else is modelled after the real world.


Real-Time Operations

The simulation runs in real-time: 7 hours in reality are 7 hours in-game.


Read & Learn

The community, our support team and various forms of documentation will help you get started in no time.



Play the game in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish or even Chinese.


Details are Key

With over 300 different aircraft types and 4000 destinations worldwide, the world feels real.


  • Comprehensive tools for market analysis, route evaluation and flight planning help you make the right decisions and to get into the game quickly.

  • Buy or lease aircraft, design your own seating plans, take care of maintenance, train and assign crews...for fleets of several hundred aircraft!

  • While the interface is designed after those of legacy airline IT systems, it works well with the mobile devices of our time.

  • Almost all modern airliners are available in the game, each modelled with realistic performance characteristics.

  • Visual Themes: Don't like the dark standard look? Just switch to another one!


AirlineSim is "pay to play"

We believe that in-game purchases and „pay to win“ are breaking fairness and immersion. At AirlineSim, everyone plays for the same price and on a level playing field.


No strings attached: There are no contracts or on-going subscriptions. You buy new credits whenever you decide it's worth it.

Try it for free

After sign-up you receive 60 free credits which last about 2 weeks. After that you can play AirlineSim starting at EUR 3.74 per month*.

Our packages start at EUR 1.80 for 50 Credits and range up to EUR 62.40 for 2000 Credits. Credits are debited per active game world, starting at 4 credits per day for a regular account. Available payment methods include common credit cards, PayPal and paysafe prepaid cards. Prices may differ between payment methods. Check our wiki for more details on payment.